About Us

Who we are

The Energy association provides a niche for those interested in career paths in the energy industry. We aspire to give our members opportunities to learn and demonstrate their skills on a regular basis. We hold events with relevant speakers, organize unique field trips, provide exciting networking and volunteering opportunities in the Houston energy community, host award winning case competitions, partner with diverse organizations to find internships, and work with the UH energy initiative to promote excellence in the energy related programs at UH.

Our Mission

Our mission is to give our members the best real life exposure and access to resources in the energy industry offered on the UH campus, and to provide them with the information required to have a competitive edge in Houston’s job market. We are here to educate and raise awareness about energy related topics with a sense of friendliness, fun, and diversity.


Our Officers


Daniel Rusinek, President uhenergyassociation@gmail.com

Meeta Garach

Meeta Garach, Vice President eaofficer.vp@gmail.com

Khoula Mehmood

Khoula Mehmood, VP of Marketing eaofficer.marketing@gmail.com

Nicholas Wehbe

Nicholas Wehbe, VP of Operation eaofficer.operations@gmail.com

Fatima Aziz

Fatima Aziz, Director of Business Relations eaofficer.business@gmail.com

Kingsley Dimiri

Kingsley Dimiri, Director of NSM Relations eaofficer.geoscience@gmail.com

Farah Luba

Farah Luba, Director of Engineering Relations eaofficer.engineering@gmail.com

Nicholas Edmonds

Nicholas Edmonds, Webmaster eaofficer.webmaster@gmail.com