NRG Earth Day Volunteering


UH Students powering up at NRG’s Street Charge Station

On April 22nd, NRG Energy came to Butler Plaza at the University of Houston to celebrate Earth Day and to promote energy sustainability.  Energy Association members had the opportunity to become part of the NRG Earth Squad and set up fun prizes and games. The main attraction was NRG’s solar powered cell phone charger or “Street Charge” which Android and iPhone users could plug into.  NRG will be donating one of these Street Charges to the University of Houston for students’ convenience.


UH Student pledging to be sustainable with the NRG Earth Squad on Earth Day

Keeping with this clean energy theme, EA volunteers asked every student who came to this event what he or she is going to change to promote energy sustainability. Students pledged to turn off their lights and thermostat when they are not home, unplug their phone and laptop chargers when they are finished with them, use reusable water bottles, and recycle. After pledging to be sustainable, students signed NRG’s banner and joined the NRG Earth Squad.

EA volunteers had a great time handing out prizes and promoting energy sustainability with NRG Energy.


Energy Association volunteers on Earth Day.


Energy Association Officers volunteering on Earth Day

Special thanks to all our volunteers, and to NRG Energy for providing all logistics for the event.

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