Energy 101

Energy explained. Your guide to understanding energy. What is energy?. Use of energy. Energy and the environment. Renewable, nonrenewable,and secondary energy sources.  

Oil & Gas Overview

Interactive Diagram. Oil and gas overview. Exploration & Production. Transportation. Refining. Delivery. Consumers.

Energy Balance Animated Flow

Understand the complex world of energy with this animated Sankey flow representation of the evolution of the energy balance of countries over the last 40 years.

IEA Energy Atlas

IEA Energy Atlas offers panoramas on every aspect of energy on a global basis and for 138 individual countries, with interactive maps and customizable charts that detail and compare a host of data based on the Agency’s authoritative statistics.

Energy Experts and Relevant Topics

See what experts are saying and join the conversation about relevant energy topics on our youtube channel.

Houston Energy Places

Houston is the energy capital of the world. Explore. Experience. Learn.

UH Energy Experts

Energy Experts at UH:


Dr. Ramanan Krishnamoorti-


Dr. Tom Holley-


Dr. William John Lee-

John Lee

Dr. Christine Economides-


Dr. Paul Chu-


Dr. Allan J. Jacobson-


Dr. Venkat Selvamanickam –